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Recommended Resources

Here you will find, organized by theme, useful links to YouTube videos, print media, and other digital resources that I have found most useful over the years in teaching Hmong language, culture, and history. Please add your own useful resources by clicking on the SHARE link in the menu above. 

                        The Hmong Language and Resource Hub is an outstanding website that offers an abundance of inspiring lesson                            plans, curriculum units, and other resources. 


Click on the icon above to find the most recent pins from my Pinterest page for many more helpful resources, organized by theme: Recommended Reading for Educators, Recommended Hmong Children's Books, Recommended Hmong Dictionaries, Hmong History/Keeb Kwm Hmoob, Hmong MVP's, On-Line Hmong Resources, Hmong Focused School Programs, Paj Ntaub/Hmong Sewn Cloth, Curriculum Building and Language Learning Tools, and Hmong Images & Inspiration. Feel free to add your favorite Pins to these boards as well.

Visual Artists' Websites


Kao Lee Thao

Minnesota visual artist and 3d animator, Thao paints to unlock inspiration and transport viewers to a world of fantasy, reminding us not to forget what imagination can accomplish in life. 

Duachaka Her

Dua is a cartoonist and illustrator from snowy Wisconsin. As a first generation Hmong-American, her parents persuaded her to go to college in hopes of her becoming a doctor, lawyer, or teacher. Of all the things she could’ve studied, she spent four long years obtaining a B.F.A. in Entertainment Design with a concentration in Comics and Sequential Art (fancy wording for basically a Comics Degree). Today, she tries her hardest to make comics, illustrate picture books, and still be a mom to her loving children. 

Be sure to check out all her excellent Hmong Artist Interviews

Tou Her/ Studio Tou/​


Not only does Tou create incredibly realistic ink portraits, he also does character design, and illustration, working both traditionally and digitally. Be sure to check out his artist interview HERE .

Shoua Yang/ Ceev Tseg PressI

My work is both a reflection of my experience in the United States as an Asian American, and a preservation of the Hmong heritage. It illustrates and portrays elements from Hmong history, origins, daily lives, religious practice, mythology, and language and cultural beliefs. It also interprets social experience of the United States through the lens of a refugee. As a Hmong artist, it is my responsibility to preserve and share both the history and culture of my people to bring awareness of the social issues in society through my art.
I use the process of printmaking to express the rich culture and history of the Hmong people. Historically through printmaking, stories and cultural folklore are told through illustrations and scenes. Through the idea of multiples and reproductions, my work becomes accessible to the public thus achieving the goal of reaching out beyond my community and extending a bridge to other community as well.
My work is intended to create a dialogue about the Hmong. To achieve such a thing, I title my work in Hmong therefore hoping to generate curiosity in viewers towards the language and its history. I also blend western ideas and eastern culture into the work as a reflection of myself as I experience and perceive world through two different lenses.

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