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  • This 20 page book includes background information, lesson plans, teaching exercises, answer keys, and student worksheets for learning and teaching about one of the most critical aspects of Hmong culture. The clan system lessons include: learning how to read, write, and pronounce each of the 18 Hmong clans, translated lyrics to a Hmong song about the importance of clans, Hmong art work and folktales explaining the origin of the Hmong clans along with discussion questions, and student exercises to practice and reflect on the importance of the clan system

Culture Lesson 1: Clan System/Hmoob Cov Xeem

  • This is a 20 page book with wire coil binding, so it will lay completely flat and can be projected easily. It also has clear plastic cover protectors. Includes learning exercises, lesson plans, supplemental materials, discussion questions, student worksheets, and suggested learning activities. 

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